At COSI, we offer the unique opportunity to combine Spanish classes in the capital city of San Jose with classes at Manuel Antonio Beach (beach, rainforest, and national park).

We offer personalized attention in a professional, supportive, and friendly atmosphere.

Classes are taught in small groups of eight students maximum. Most classes average only three to four students.

Students can receive college credit for their classes at COSI.

We organize cultural activities and tours in Costa Rica at very reasonable prices.

We pick students up at the airport at no extra cost.

Students who are interested can participate in our Volunteer Abroad and International Internship programs, which are organized by our sister institute Maximo Nivel.

Standards of Good Practice

COSI follows the Standards of Good Practice from the Forum on Education Abroad and the Forum’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad.

The COSI Spanish Immersion Program is organized in accordance with ethical principles and welcomes and respects students and staff regardless of race, gender identification, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, or ethnic origin.

Our Professional Staff

COSI team members are well-trained professionals and we’re experts at providing great Spanish classes that are intensive, fun, and very effective. The main role of our Spanish instructors is to be a motivator and a facilitator rather than a lecturer.

COSI teachers are experts at teaching Spanish to students ranging from beginners to those with “near native” competence. We also work with visiting Spanish teachers who want to refresh their language skills.


Our methodology is based on the communicative approach emphasizing speaking and conversation. Students at COSI are encouraged to carry out actively meaningful tasks and solve problems in real life situations facilitating your ability to think and perform in Spanish. Classes are very effective and efficient and are based on great lesson planning, which follows COSI´s proven program.

Books & Materials

At COSI, we have developed our own Spanish learning textbooks and other teaching materials to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. All books and materials are included in the program fee.

Class Size

Classes are taught in small groups of up to eight students maximum. Most classes average only three to four students, though this depends on the time of year. In the event that there is no group at the student’s level, we provide private tutoring for 2 hours per day for the same price as the group program.

Class Duration

A class (“lesson”) is 55 minutes.

Cultural Programs

Check our weekly events calendar with things going on both inside the school and around town. Free salsa classes and free cooking lessons are scheduled every week.

We also strongly encourage you to take part in our Tandem Conversation Program, which is a free language and cultural exchange. In the Tandem Program, the COSI team matches up international Spanish learners (like you) and local English learners (Costa Ricans) who want to meet new friends and develop their speaking skills. Conversations are open and friendly and allow you and your tandem partner to move forward with your language skills by learning from each other.

Starting Dates

Small group Spanish classes start every Monday all year-round. Private Spanish classes can be scheduled to begin any day of the week. Accommodations with host families or in hotels, hostels, or apartments are available any day of the week.

Length of Stay

Students can attend classes for as long as they wish. The minimum stay is one week. For students who are participating for only one week, we recommend taking private classes, which provide more personalized attention during your brief stay with us at COSI.

National Holidays

The COSI Spanish Schools are open all year round except for 25 December and 1 January. Spanish classes do not take place on national holidays even though the school is open. Please write to us for a list of holidays when Spanish classes are not in session